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April 11, 2017 05:31 PM

Dakota Layers Still Recovering, Donates To Feeding South Dakota

It's was big day for Feeding South Dakota and its fight against hunger in KELOLAND.

Dakota Layers, an egg farm north of Flandreau, is once again donating nutritious eggs to the organization. The bird flu outbreak in 2015 hit the business hard. Now, the farm is rebuilding its hen population and that's leading to today's generous gift from a partnership with South Dakota State University. 

It's too early for the Easter bunny to make an appearance but Jack from SDSU is more than happy to play the part today. 

"On the eve of the Easter weekend, to have 900 dozen eggs being donated is phenomenal for us," Gassen said. 

While he's not the Easter bunny, Jack had a big hand in making sure these eggs were delivered just in time for the holiday. 

For every free throw from the SDSU men's and women's basketball players this year, Dakota Layers is donating a dozen eggs. The farm, itself, is in the midst of a remarkable comeback. 

"It's really been a nightmare. Started in 2015 with the bird flu when we had to completely depopulate our farm. It took about ten months to be able to depopulate, clean, disinfect and get back on our feet where we started producing eggs again," Ramsdell said.

Before bird flu, Dakota Layers had donated 35,000 pounds of eggs since 2008. 

"In spite of their own pain and suffering, they still think of others that are less fortunate. We're incredibly humbled their gift," Gassen said. 

And they hope they can continue to give to Feeding South Dakota for years to come. 

"It definitely feels good to be back and producing eggs again and doing what we know best," Ramsdell said. 

More than a million eggs are produced every day from the 1.3 million hens housed at the Dakota Layers farm. 
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