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November 29, 2017 05:10 PM

Dairy Donation Fuels Feeding SD For A Year

Milk is a staple most people always have in the fridge. However, it's not something everyone can afford.

That's why for the second year, some big names in the area are teaming up to bring milk to the masses.

"This donation is going to ensure that 11,000 plus, almost 12,000 families will come through our doors and will leave here with a gallon of milk," Feeding South Dakota CEO Matt Gassen said. 

HyVee, Land O'Lakes, Dean Foods and Avera Health announced this staggering donation from this year's Great American Milk Drive. The local partners worked to raise money to make sure there's enough milk to go around at the Feeding South Dakota Food Pantry.

"Virtually every time somebody is going to be coming through the pantry through the next year, they're going to have access to the milk," Gassen said. 

HyVee reached out to customers by asking at the checkout if people wanted to donate to the cause. They even gave employees extra incentive to push the dairy donations.

"They received a paid day off for whoever sold the most gallons of milk to customers," HyVee store director Andy Sutton said. 

The milk will be delivered on a weekly basis and should be enough to cover the large crowds. For those who can't usually afford milk, this will be a big boost in their cart this year. 

"Adults and kids alike, it makes them better employees. It makes them better students, and sets them up for success with their health," Micki Lundin with Avera Health said. 

"And if you think about not having the ability to buy milk when you go to the grocery store, I think that kind of would help put it into perspective a little bit about how vital this is to the families that we're trying to serve," Gassen said. 

Land O'Lakes will be delivering about 240 gallons of milk to the Sioux Falls food pantry each week.

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