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July 17, 2017 06:24 PM

Crews Continue To Battle Fire Near Wanblee

Wanblee, SD

Fire Crews continue to fight a large wildfire near Wanblee Monday night. The East Wanblee fire has spread to more than 5,000 acres and is growing. Now, there is concern it could reach homes in the area.

Ferdinand Romero has lived in his home just east of Wanblee for almost his entire life. Last night, he had an unfortunate wake up call. 

"So when I saw all that smoke on top of the hill there, my first thought was, I need to evacuate," Romero said.

The fire came within 300 feet of his home, but firefighters arrived just in time.

"The firefighters showed up. They saved the day," Romero said.

Crews have been fighting this fire near Wanblee since Sunday evening.

The conditions also haven't helped. There have been some wind gusts and temperatures have reached nearly 100 degrees today.

"Our conditions are so dry out here and the humidity is unbelievable," Jerome High Horse said.

According to the Martin Volunteer Fire Department's Twitter posts: Homes in the area are threatened and the winds are switching.

"It's not contained and I'm really worried that we have families in that area and I hope that their houses are ok," High Horse said.

Though crews are still working to contain this fire, those in the community are just grateful for the help from firefighters.

"I'm really thankful that we have support of all the services to help our community," High Horse said.

Crews also brought in aerial help to battle the fire as well. As of Monday afternoon, a shed and garage are the only structures that have been lost.

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