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February 13, 2018 11:50 AM

Court Papers: Suspect, Victim In Andover Apartment Fire Were In Relationship

Day County, SD

New court papers detail the relationship between an domestic abuse suspect and the woman found dead after a house fire in Andover.

According to a complaint filed by prosecutors in Day County, Jose Quinones-Rodriguez and Tawny Rockwood were in a relationship for about four months and had a history of verbal arguments. A witness told an agent with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation that Rodriguez allegedly pointed a gun at her during a fight.

Another informant told state investigators that Quinones-Rodriguez owns a handgun, while others said Rockwood confided to them that she felt threatened or was in fear of him. When Quinones-Rodriguez traveled to Texas for outstanding warrants and charges, Rockwood repeatedly called a hotline to confirm whether he was still in custody and expressed fear to a friend about him returning to South Dakota.

Court papers also outlined how both Quinones-Rodriguez and Rockwood were both in Andover the night before the fire at the apartment complex on 100 East 2nd Avenue. A relative received a phone call from Quinones-Rodriguez and reportedly heard Rockwood crying in the background.

Quinones-Rodriguez is currently charged with one count of aggravated domestic assault.

Authorities have not determined whether Rockwood died in the fire on Friday, February 9. The investigation is ongoing.

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