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November 02, 2016 05:28 PM

Community Appeals Process Begins For Levitt Venue

A new music venue scheduled to open in Falls Park West in 2019 is hitting another milestone. This week, Levitt Pavilion organizers are beginning their fundraising push through the Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals process. 

This space will soon be home to dozens of concerts every year once the Levitt At The Falls music venue is complete. 

"The 50 free concerts that will be happening at Falls Park West every summer will certainly bring a lot of foot traffic which will benefit the downtown area. We always see the local economy getting a boost from the free Levitt concert series but also the social impact of the Levitt program," Sharon Yazowski said. 

Yazowski, the executive director of the California-based Levitt Foundation, is in town this week to help kick off the community appeals process. She says the Levitt Pavilion, with space for 1,500, will bring people together of all backgrounds. 

"You interact with people in front of you, to the side of you, to the back of you. People get up and dance together. Children play together all while enjoying that music and you see that social connectivity happening on the lawn. It's really strengthening the social fabric of the community," Yazowski said. 

Right now, there are just a handful of permanent Levitt facilities across the country. Sioux Falls is one of six new projects currently being developed.

Local supporter Jennifer Kirby can't wait to get out and talk to Sioux Falls businesses.  
"We have over 60 volunteers that will be going out to businesses asking for their support and our campaign will conclude at the end of March. Our goal is to raise over $1.06 million dollars," Kirby said. 

A lot of money that will help bring a lot of activity to downtown Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls is one of the smallest cities to get a Levitt venue. Other projects currently under development include facilities in Denver, Houston and Dayton, Ohio. The entire project will cost $4.6 million. That includes funding from the city and the local Friends of Levitt organization.
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