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November 06, 2017 05:20 PM

Brookings Regional Humane Society In Danger Of Closing

The Brookings Regional Humane Society has plenty of animals to adopt, but is running out of money. Financial trouble began after the shelter's founder died almost two years ago.  Four years ago, the shelter moved to a new building it rents. The growth has been hard to keep up with, and that is why leaders of the non-profit are searching for solutions before they have to close the doors.

One of the animals available to adopt is a white and gray cat named Spink. 

"He's kind of a goofball. He doesn't like to hold still," Shelter Coordinator Jordan Coon said. 

Coon says Spink has nearly 100 feline roommates at the facility, which is double what was there a few months ago. 

"We have cats in almost everyone room here," Coon said.  

It costs about $100 per cat for a medical exam to get them ready for adoption. That adds up to roughly $10,000 for just those 100 cats. Just this year, it has taken in 430 animals. These are some of the reasons the shelter is feeling financial strain.  

"Honestly, we have a couple of months. We really do. We have a couple months and we'll have to really figure out what we're going to do," BRHR Board President Lindsie Bartley said. 

Donations are essential, but only scratch the surface and help for a little while.  Bartley says the staff is trying to find solutions - including working with the city and county to get funding. 

"Behind the scenes, we're working really hard so it isn't just a month to month organization," Bartley said. 

Bartley says there is a big misconception about how the Humane Society gets funding. Even though it gets more than half of its animals from Brookings Animal Control, it does not get any consistent money from the city or the county.  Bartley says the exception to that is any grants the Humane Society may receive.  The goal is to change that.

Staying open means a better future for Spink and the other animals here. Bartley hopes it is not too late. 

"I don't really want to think about that, but the reality is we've had to start thinking about that," Bartley said. 

"It would be heartbreaking," Coon said. 

You can visit the Brookings Regional Humane Society's website to learn more about adoptable animals, or to find out how to donate money and supplies

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