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July 17, 2017 05:03 PM

Brandon City Council Considers Lawn Watering Ban

The Brandon City Council could shut down lawn watering at Monday's meeting. A new resolution will be voted on that would ban the use of sprinklers and irrigation systems in town. 

City Council member Roger Brooks says the water treatment facility and the City's wells are being pushed to peak capacity. 

"We've hit that and went past it several times. We've reached a point where we're concerned. We're working all of our wells to the maximum to keep the water going. If we were to have a large house fire, Heaven forbid," Brooks said. 

Brooks says a ban on lawn watering being considered tonight is needed to prevent strain on equipment. While odd/even watering restrictions are currently in place, not all residents are following the rules. 

"It's drawn down our water supply desperately. This will maybe get the word out. I don't know. We'll keep trying," Brooks said. 

If the ban does go into effect Monday night and homeowners ignore it and turn their sprinklers on anyway, all water could be shut off to their home. 

"We really, really need rain," Brandon resident Tom Wright said. 

Wright waters his lawn a few times each week to keep it alive. It's been a struggle during this hot, dry summer. If the council shuts down lawn watering, he'll stop. 

"Whatever the council decides is what we'll try and follow," Wright said. 

Brooks says if residents don't follow the rules, the entire community of Brandon might run out of water. 

"My wife made the comment this morning to one of the neighbors as we were walking. She says, 'I want water to drink, I don't give a damn about the lawn'," Brooks said. 

The Brandon City Council is meeting Monday night at 6 p.m. Brooks says Brandon's water tower is also under stress. He says the construction of two more towers is in the city's future plans. 

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