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February 19, 2015 10:00 PM

Bosworth & Black Vans

Sioux Falls, SD

We've been taking a closer look at what's in the fundraising pamphlets Dr. Annette Bosworth has been sending out to her supporters. It's part of her effort to fight election fraud charges stemming from her unsuccessful bid for the Republican U.S Senate primary. On Wednesday, we told you about Bosworth's efforts to collect $400-thousand for her legal defense fund.  Part of Bosworth's narrative urging donors to give money reads like a spy story, complete with black vans paying visits to people who signed her campaign petitions.

Dr. Annette Bosworth is facing criminal charges for allegedly turning in campaign petitions that had her listed as a petition circulator on days she was out of the country.
In the 8-page pamphlet Bosworth has been circulating to raise money for her legal expenses, she states in boldface capitol letters, "I AM 100 PERCENT INNOCENT!!"

Also in the pamphlet, Bosworth says Attorney General Marty Jackley used intimidating methods to investigate her petitions.  She says Jackley sent DCI agents in "government-looking" black vans to the homes of preachers who signed her petitions.  Bosworth says the DCI officers then "interrogated" those preachers in their churches in front of members of the congregation.  Bosworth says the questions included how long the preachers had known her and how long those preachers have had their tax-exempt status.

Bosworth says such tactics are "right out of a pre-civil rights playbook from the deep South."

But Attorney General Marty Jackley tells us that Bosworth has had trouble with the facts in this case.  Jackley says the DCI does not have any vans, let alone black vans, in its entire fleet of vehicles.

We also reached out to Bosworth for comments about the pamphlets and her defense fund but she referred us to her attorney, who hasn't returned our calls.

Bosworth is scheduled to go on trial in May.

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