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August 01, 2012 06:49 AM

Big Sioux River Drastically Lower Since May

dell rapids, sd

Only a few months ago, the Big Sioux River was overflowing from its banks.  Now that it's August, levels have dropped drastically, which could affect people in Sioux Falls if they continue to drop.

The city of Sioux Falls measures the water levels at County Highway 110 just south of Dell Rapids.  It's drastically lower than what it was in May when the Big Sioux River was running at 8,000 cubic feet per second.  Wednesday morning it's now running at 65 cubic feet per second.

If the number drops to 50 CFS, the city of Sioux Falls will implement additional water restrictions, such as only watering lawns once a week.

You can monitor the Big Sioux River levels at Dell Rapids through the USGS.

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