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February 19, 2018 05:13 PM

Badge 23 Warns Drivers Of Slippery Roads

Lincoln County, SD

When the snow flies, sanders hit the roads, and law enforcement agencies turn to social media to keep you safe.

Check out this picture the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.  Is it enough to convince you to slow down?  Deputies hope the answer is yes.     

 Deputy EJ Colshan says when he makes posts like this on bad weather days, they see fewer crashes. It's a way to show the consequences of driving dangerously on black ice, like Lincoln County saw Monday morning. 

On the job, he's Patrol Deputy EJ Colshan. 

"I start my shift at 6 in the morning. So I'm usually the first one out," Colshan said. 

On Facebook, he's badge number 23.

"I get a jump start on letting people know, hey, the roads are bad," Colshan said. 

When he posts crash photos online, fewer cars end up in the ditch. 

"Our road reports, people love them. We try to do them as much as we can, if it's safe and we have time, we post something," Colshan said. 

Monday morning, he got an early start. 

"It was just a little bit of rain frozen, but that's all it takes," Colshan said. 

Lincoln County roads and the interstate were a skating rink. 

"By the time they realize there's black ice on the roads, it's too late," Colshan said. 

A good way to tell if the roads are frozen is if the water and snow hitting your windshield is freezing, there's a good chance the same thing is happening to the road. 

The driver of this car might have missed Colshan's reminder.

Crash Feb Winter

Colshan says they were going 80 miles per hour when they slammed into an SUV going 55 mph, trying to be careful because of the ice. 

"Since they don't see snow on the roads, they think they're okay. So they're going 80," Colshan said. 

Your drive home Monday shouldn't be too slick. 

But before you leave for work Tuesday, it might not be a bad idea to check the Lincoln County Sheriff's Facebook to see what badge 23 has to say. 

Deputy Colshan says the goal of the posts aren't to shame anyone, but to clearly show the risks of driving on icy roads. 

Follow the Lincoln County Sheriff's department here. 

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