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January 04, 2018 06:51 AM

Art Gallery To Host Alzheimer's Benefit

Sioux Falls

First Friday in Downtown Sioux Falls will feature a special benefit for the Alzheimer's Association. There are 5.5 million Americans living today with Alzheimer's disease and every 66 seconds, someone is diagnosed. 

Each piece is being perfectly placed at Rehfeld's Art and Framing before the big day on Friday. Art To Remember, an Alzheimer's Benefit, is raising money for those who can't. 

"I watched my grandmother pass from this disease, I watched my dad struggle with his mom having to deal with this insidious disease and now he has contracted it himself," Matthew Jorgenson, owner of Rehfeld's Art and Framing, said. 

Jorgenson's personal connection to the disease helped him partner with the local Alzheimer's chapter as well as artist Jerry Cook. 

"This year again he has incredibly and very graciously donated another piece of artwork," Jorgenson said. 

No one will know what's behind the drape until Friday night. And the gallery hopes to raise $5,000 from one piece. 

"People don't want to talk about it, people don't want to know about it," Kathi Herreid, Alzheimer's Association state program director, said. 

Herreid says the funds will help expand care and support reach within South Dakota. 

"So regardless of whether someone lives in Sioux Falls or Faith, South Dakota, the Alzheimer's Association is available to them," Herreid said. 

 "This is a very important benefit to get the awareness out there, to educate the public and hopefully again get some money into the hands of this really worthy charity," Jorgenson said. 

Tickets for the painting will be sold throughout the month of January and a drawing will be held on Friday, February 2. The event starts at 6 p.m. Friday at Rehfeld's, 210 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls.

For more information, visit the gallery's website.
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