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February 18, 2018 10:05 PM

Archers From Across The World Reflect On Their Time In KELOLAND

One of the biggest stages for Archery is right here in KELOLAND. 

Teams from all over the world came together to compete in the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships throughout this last week. 

The city of Yankton has drawn people in from all over the world for archery competitions and for some competitors, this isn't their first time in the Mount Rushmore state. 

"I've been in South Dakota one time before. That was for the last world championships, the world youth champs, which were held at the NFEA center here," said Great Britain team member Patrick Huston. 

This time around, it was different. 

"I really enjoyed it then, I've come back, stayed in a different hotel. Got to see a little bit more of the town, got to drive through the main strip, I've just really enjoyed my time here," said Huston. 

Some athletes spent the week exploring Yankton and were excited by some things that aren't in their countries or are very rare to find.

"We saw some deer, that was cool. Just been hanging out here," said Austrialian Team Member Hamish Thompson.
"Went to Walmart, we really don't have anything like that at home," said Austrialian Team Member Remy Leonard. 

These members of the Austrialian team say they loved doing one thing in particular. 

"We've been throwing a bit of snow at each other," said Leonard. 
"We've come across a lot of snow, snow fights. No one else seems to be doing it," said Thompson. 
"Only had one bloody nose so far, so it's good," said Leonard. 
"No major casualties," said Harri Howden. 

For Ukranian gold medal winner, Ivan Kozhokar, he says the food is what drew him in. 

"I've been trying this food, it's a bit different and maybe not super healthy, but I like it because I'm young," said Kozhokar. 

As the competition wraps up, these competitors agree on one thing. 

"The people are just so friendly. Every time I come to the US, particularily small town USA, everybody always has a smile on their face, they're so polite," said Huston. 

"The people here are just so super friendly, it's awesome," said Thompson. 

The final day of the competition is Monday and it'll be the last chance to see the world championship in Yankton until 2020.

Yankton will host the World Outdoor Archery Championships. 

To see the latest scores and finals you can see them here.

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