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July 13, 2017 10:38 PM

And Then There Were Three: Bjorkman Announces Candidacy For U.S. House

Canistota, SD

The race for South Dakota's lone U.S. House seat is gaining another candidate- and he's the first announced Democrat. 

"I concluded that I had to try to be a part of solutions outside the judicial system, because I am convinced that nothing less than the American dream is at stake here," Bjorkman said.

That's why former Circuit Court Judge Tim Bjorkman is now running for Congress.

"And it is this purpose that drives me to seek the Democratic Party's nomination," Bjorkman said.

A former Canistota School District superintendent helped introduce him.

"He will be our advocate for rural America and rural South Dakota today in Washington, D.C.," Keith Ligtenberg said.

Unless another Democrat enters the race, Bjorkman will take on whomever wins the Republican Party's nomination, which at this time consists of Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and Dusty Johnson, the former Chief of Staff to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.

"I don't know either one of them, but I think that they're both good South Dakotans," Bjorkman said.

Bjorkman says that all three of them are pursuing the same thing.

"We want what's best for South Dakota. Just a matter of the people sorting out who will be the best advocate, at this time, for them," Bjorkman said. "So I wish them well."

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