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September 12, 2017 06:33 PM

All City Elementary Training Parents For Classroom Interaction

All City Elementary is a unique Sioux Falls schools, as it requires parents to spend time in the classroom.

For the first two weeks of school all of the parents are here training on how to interact with the kids in the classroom. As school continues they'll commit a half day a week, per child they have enrolled here at All City Elementary.

Parent, Holly Brue has 3 girls enrolled and says it's beneficial for everyone. 

"They know mom is there but mom is helping all the kids, you know, or dad, you know, whoever chooses to come but I think it's comforting and reassuring to know that I am close and I'm here 3 times a week," said Holly Brue, parent. 

Parents are involved with lessons, helping the students when needed, and doing specific projects for the teachers. 

"They're not always interacting but they can listen and then provide that support at home when they're working with their child on their homework, so that is such a huge benefit," said Kaylene Lundquist, teacher. 

 "It's so fun to be in the classroom and see their friends and you know, hear the lessons that the teachers are doing with them," said Brue. 

During the school year, relationships between the parents and students becomes stronger, so everyone can be successful in the classroom. 

"You can just see that confidence that they have because they know how to speak to adults and interact with them and I just think that is such an amazing life skill for them to have," said Lindquist. 

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