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October 25, 2017 10:12 PM

Ahead Of Expected JFK Document Release, A Search For Truth

Brookings, SD

For millions of people, it is one of the most sought-after questions in American history- was just one person involved in the death of John F. Kennedy?

This week marks a milestone in the story that has captivated so many people since the November 22,1963 shooting. On Thursday, the National Archives is set to release thousands of classified documents dealing with Kennedy's assassination. This collection is the last group of remaining files. 

The natural question is, what's in these files?

Not only was Myron Wachendorf of Sioux Falls in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot, but he actually heard the shots fired.

"When we heard those shots, we never thought of, we thought they were fireworks going off. Because of the president, and a parade going down the street. Never, never ever thought of gunshots," Wachendorf said.

He was in Dallas to play at a concert. Back then, he was a guitarist and singer for the band Myron Lee and the Caddies.

"We didn't find out they were gunshots until, I would say about two or three minutes after that when we walked into a Neiman Marcus store down there to do some shopping," Wachendorf said. "And immediately it came on local television." 

Wachendorf has a simple wish for tomorrow's expected release of documents.

"I would like to have the truth come out. I don't think it will come out," Wachendorf said. "I don't think it will ever come out. Because I think there are just going to be more conspiracies than there is already." 

Wachendorf says he doesn't believe the 1964 Warren Commission Report, which decided "[Lee Harvey] Oswald acted alone." South Dakota State political science professor David Wiltse isn't optimistic that tomorrow will bring bombshells, either.

"Most of the speculation amongst academics is that there's nothing of extraordinary interest within the archives on the assassination," Wiltse said. "That this is going to be fairly anticlimactic."

When asked who or what killed Kennedy, Wiltse says, "I have no clue."

"I would characterize my beliefs as the official story doesn't quite add up, but the conspiracy theories are far more unplausible," Wiltse said.

Wiltse doesn't think the conspiracy theories will die out, but he doesn't think they'll be strengthened with any evidence released tomorrow, either.

"I'd be stunned if there were some kind of really damning evidence in the files of any massive conspiracy on this," Wiltse said.

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