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June 17, 2014 06:08 PM

Aerials Over Southeastern KELOLAND

While several homes were submerged under water, there were also farms and fields flooded Monday night.

To get a better overall view of the damage, we took to the skies with Legacy Aviation Tuesday.

What should be green fields this time of year have turned into temporary lakes overnight.

Monday's storms created problems for both homeowners and farmers, whose fields were washed out by the storm.

Several county roads were covered in water, making it difficult and dangerous for some farmers to even check on the crops and cattle impacted by the heavy rain.

In Lincoln and Turner Counties, they saw anywhere between four and nine inches of rain on Monday.

Even experienced pilot Jordan Hall with Legacy Aviation was shocked by the sights below.

"Oh my gosh, look at the elementary up here. The old elementary. Holy mackerel," Hall said. 

Liberty Elementary in Harrisburg is dealing with a lot of flooding issues on the ground and from the sky it's easy to see why.

Canton is another community trying to clean up. While the water appears to be receding from the center of town, roads on the edges are still impassible.

Some homes on the south side of Tea are also dealing with major flooding.  Some even look like islands, surrounded by the water.

The Big Sioux River is also adding to the trouble, creeping above the shoreline in some areas south of Sioux Falls.

With sights like these, it's easy to see from the sky how widespread this week's storm damage truly is.

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