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April 15, 2017 10:35 AM

A Make-A-Wish Makeover

It was a memorable night for one Harrisburg teenager. Anthony Wagner recently got some good news after he found out his leukemia was in remission. On Friday, he got even more good news thanks to Make-A-Wish South Dakota and Sioux Falls Ford. 

Wagner took his car into the shop about a month ago just to check the engine. He didn't get it back until today. While most people would be angry, Wagner says it was worth the wait. The smile doesn't leave the face of Anthony Wagner, and it won't for a long time. 

That's because he was surprised by a makeover given to his car. The 2002 Lincoln LS came into the shop in rough shape. 

"They said they were going to check out the engine, make sure it was okay, but they did a little more than that," Wagner said. 

There was hail damage to the body, as well as numerous mechanical issues. Now with some new paint and hard work, this car is ready to stand out on the road. 

"Quite honestly I think the car is nicer now then it was when it was brand new," Tim Hilber with Sioux Falls Ford said.

But maybe the best treat is in the trunk. 

The teenager wanted a new stereo system. DashBoard by Karl's donated new speakers, and now Wagner is ready to rock. 

"Yeah I'm going to be bumping down the road," Wagner said. 

Wagner was the first guest at the new Sioux Falls Ford and Lincoln dealer in West Sioux Falls, which is slated to open later this month. Make-A-Wish asked the company to help. 30 employees donated their time and efforts to make this teenager's wish come true. Seeing that smile makes all the work worth it. 

"It's terrific for us to see what we've done and how happy we can make someone. I think a lot of the guys are pretty emotional," Hilber said. 

"You seem pretty emotional yourself." 

"Well it's just nice, just nice. I'm really proud of our people and happy we could do it," Hilber said. 

He's been through a lot, but tonight is all about making this teenager's life a little easier, and a little happier. 

"Thank you very much like I can't put into words how thankful I am for this. It's really amazing," Wagner said. 

There's more good news for Wagner. He says his doctor told him there's a possibility he can be back on the football field next season, playing his favorite sport. 
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