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June 14, 2017 06:18 PM

A Look At Potential Plans For The Former Copper Lounge Location

After the tragic collapse at the Copper Lounge Building in Downtown Sioux Falls, the space at 10th and Phillips is sitting empty. Now there's a new plan to fill the spot. 

Since the spot is a part of the downtown historic district, developers met with the Sioux Falls Historic Preservation Board to show off the plans. 
It's been a place of heartbreak and sadness, but now there could be change coming to this location in downtown Sioux Falls. The proposed plans include a two story building with a rooftop bar patio. It would be a smaller space than the Copper Lounge Building.

Norman Drake says they've been working on this plan for the past three months. However, who would use the building hasn't been determined. 

"We have no signed lease agreements with any of the perspective tenants because until the tenants are satisfied that their wishes can be met in the particular spaces, nobody is willing to sign any leases or make any particular space," Drake said. 

Drake wouldn't say who the tenants considering the spot are, because they wanted to remain confidential. 

During the meeting, the applicants passed around materials that would be used for the outside of the building.  

"We relayed more on the tenants, the perspective tenants, what desires were," Drake said. 

With the agreement that the developers would change some brick materials to meet more of the U.S. Department of Interior standards, the board gave the ok for the project.

There hasn't been any paperwork filed for construction with this project yet.

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