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October 10, 2013 05:11 PM

20-Year-Old Author Publishes First Book

Sioux Falls, SD

For many college students, going to class and balancing a part-time job keeps them plenty busy. But a girl at the University of Sioux Falls is also adding author to her list.

"And so in the absolute aloneness of my car, I let myself really grieve. I grieved for my lost innocence. The innocence that Jason had come in like a thief and robbed me of," author Sara Whitley said.

Sara Whitley is 20 years old and a Junior at USF. On top of a full class load, this summer she released her first published book, "Another Ending." The book is about a young girl who is raped, and struggles to decide whether to keep the baby.

Whitley wrote it during her Freshman year of college.

"My family and my then fiancé were just really supportive. They said yeah, you know you're 18. And you don't have an English degree. But let's just see what could happen," Whitley said.

Whitley is majoring in Social Work, and works part-time at Lutheran Social Services. She says studying in this field has helped her explore much darker subjects, like rape and abortion.

"When you're read it you're able to feel her thoughts and her emotions personally affecting her. So as I'm writing it from her perspective, it became more of my story. Even though it hadn't happened to me. I think I was really able to capture her emotions," Whitley said.

Whitley says whether she chooses social work or writing as a future profession, she hopes she can continue to minister to other young people.

"As a Christian writer it's a story of faith. And so this is the story of how Jesus is bringing her through these things. And how he's using this traumatic thing for her good," Whitley said.

Whitley is working on publishing her second book, and writing her third.

She will hold a book signing for "Another Ending" at Crossroads Books on October 26th from 1 to 3 p.m.

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