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May 11, 2017 06:10 PM

160 Employees Skip Work

Sioux Falls, SD

A local realty group is painting the town red and making a difference in the process. Thursday is Keller Williams' Red Day, dedicated to making volunteering a company-wide priority. 

The idea is pretty simple. Give employees a day off work and they help the people supporting their business.

"Every Keller Williams across the world takes the day off and they go back and they give back to the community that they sell real estate in," Keller Williams Sioux Falls CEO Patrick Showers said. 

"We get together and we work and we sweat and we get dirty. We think about our clients all the time and their families and how we can better this community by having this day," Teresa Schurz, broker for Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls, said. 

On this sunny afternoon, the staff with Keller Williams Sioux Falls is tackling some big projects for Camp Leif Ericson, a popular summer camp for kids in Sioux Falls.

"We normally would never have the manpower or ability to accomplish, but with their help, we're able to tackle some of those projects that have not been able to get accomplished for years," Camp Leif Ericson Executive Director Mike Murphy said. 

The more than 160 volunteers spent the day painting, drilling and even cutting up some lumber. Not only are they giving valuable time and skills to the camp, the Keller Williams staff is also getting in some quality coworker time.

"Sometimes it's a good opportunity for them to get together, to get to know each other a little bit more," Showers said. 

"We maybe see each other in the hallway passing, but we get to bond and enjoy, especially like a day like today, the sunlight. And we have a good time," Schurz said.

This is the fifth year the Keller Williams Sioux Falls group has taken part in Red Day. This is their third time at Camp Leif Ericson.

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