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March 15, 2018 05:00 PM

The Zimmer Experience Extends To Next Generation

Sioux Falls, SD

A notorious family in KELOLAND is making headlines again. You may remember "The Zimmer Experience."

This time it's the Zimmer teenagers acting out at the courthouse while their mother is sentenced for violating her probation for insurance fraud.

Jennifer Zimmer was accompanied by her two daughters as she made her way into court for stealing from a convenience store while on probation. 

The young women weren't happy to see our news cameras and shouted obscenities and obscene gestures.

They surrounded KELOLAND's Angela Kennecke and called her names as she entered the courtroom. 

When they acted out in the courtroom, a sheriff's deputy asked them to leave.
They went out into the hall and continued to shout obscenities at our news photographer.

Zimmer had asked back in January that her hearing be postponed so she could use her tax return to pay required restitution in the insurance fraud case.  But on Thursday, she told the court she still didn't have her return.

The prosecutor in the case called for prison time, saying that although the insurance fraud was her first felony conviction, she had a long list of petty theft and other misdemeanors in and out of state.

The prosecutor told the judge, "She appears to be getting by scamming and stealing."

In the end, the judge sentenced Zimmer to two days in jail.

Her daughters continued to be hostile as they left the courthouse.

The date Zimmer will report to jail will be determined later.

Her husband, George, is currently serving time in jail for the same insurance fraud case.

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