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April 18, 2017 04:28 PM

SD Department of Social Services Did Not Use Julie Osnes Consulting

Pierre, SD

In an update to our KELOLAND News investigation, we now know when Julie Osnes worked for South Dakota Department of Social Services.  You may remember Osnes is a food stamp consultant hired by two states.

SD Consultant Embroiled In $14M in Fines For False Food Stamp Claims

Now Virginia and Wisconsin face $14 million in fines for not following federal rules, when it came to reporting SNAP benefit errors, in order to get millions in federal bonuses. 

Both states now blame Julie Osnes Consulting for giving them bad advice.
South Dakota's Department of Social Services said Tuesday she hasn't worked for the Department of Social Services since the year 2000.

She also never did any consulting work for South Dakota's DSS. 

According to the department, the state has received $19 million in bonuses form the feds for its accuracy rates with the SNAP program over the last 32 years. 

Social Services also points out that South Dakota was one of only 11 state agencies, out of 53, whose SNAP payment data was validated as accurate by the USDA for Fiscal Year 2015. 

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