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December 01, 2017 06:56 AM

Recap: Construction Company Fined $200K After Collapse

Sioux Falls

During live coverage of the building collapse, KELOLAND News received a photo downloaded from Hultgren Construction's Facebook page that showed workers taking down a load bearing wall.

KELOLAND's Angela Kennecke later discovered the company didn't have the permits to do that. A sub-contractor then came forward and said Hultgren Construction had cutting corners, ignoring safety procedures and was even breaking the law. 

In May, OSHA fined Hultgren Construction more than $200,000 for the violations that led up to Ethan McMahon's death. According to the agency, construction employees were told to remove two load-bearing walls, including the one pictured on Facebook. 

The report had also said the company did not have workers shore up the wall and that engineers did not put together a plan to keep workers safe. In a statement to KELOLAND News back in May, Aaron Hultgren said his company was working with OSHA through this process.
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