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July 20, 2017 10:07 PM

George Zimmer Pleads Guilty To Forgery

Sioux Falls

It was one of our most widely-watched investigations: The Zimmer Experience. 

We tracked down the couple accused of trashing a rental home and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages; and not just in South Dakota, but other states, too.

George and Jennifer Zimmer both had long rap sheets, mostly for petty crimes--but both were also facing felony charges for insurance fraud.

Jennifer Zimmer already plead guilty in the case and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

George Zimmer faced nine counts of insurance fraud.  But in a plea bargain, the state dropped those charges and Zimmer plead guilty to two forgery charges.  

George and Jennifer Zimmer have had a pattern of making a scene in front of our cameras at the courthouse.

But today, George Zimmer was quiet as he entered the courthouse to plead guilty to forgery charges. 

Zimmer admitted he filed false claims with car insurance companies to collect money, including one where he claimed to own a truck he had financed for $30,000, and taking payment that should have gone to the lender after a crash.

Zimmer told the court his wife Jennifer made up the documents and he just signed them.

George has agreed to pay $5,478 in restitution.

When asked by the judge, he also told the court he was not a veteran, which contradicts what he told landlords and agencies in the past. 

The St. Francis House told KELOLAND Investigates in February that the Zimmers forged documents to get government assistance for housing. 

"I really couldn't believe half of what they said. He said that he was a war veteran, that he was disabled, that he was getting a disability check," Julie Becker said.

We asked Zimmer about claiming he was a veteran as he left the courtroom.

Angela Kennecke: "You told the judge today you're not.  But you claimed earlier that you were?"

Zimmer did not answer.  

Zimmer's attorney told the judge that he was undergoing surgery next week, and asked for a delayed sentencing.  George Zimmer will be sentenced on forgery charges on September 27.  As part of the plea bargain, the most he can face is 180 days in jail. 

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