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April 09, 2018 05:09 PM

Bosworth Must Hand Over Legal Defense Fund Contributors' Names & Contact Info

The civil case filed against former U. S. Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth by one of her former employees is moving forward. 

Our original investigation in December discovered the big issue in the case is Bosworth's use of her legal defense fund.  While Bosworth's perjury convictions were overturned by the Supreme Court, she retains felonies for filing false petitions in her 2014 political campaign.

She's also in a legal battle to get back her medical license.

Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber hired Mitchell Olson to work on various projects including documentaries.

Olson told us in December that after he worked for them for a year, they stopped paying him and now owe him $24,000. Olson also claims he was being paid for out of Bosworth's legal defense fund and has submitted a PayPal receipt to the court as proof.

In court today, Olson's attorney asked that Bosworth and Haber turn over the names and contact information of people who contributed to her legal defense fund.
The judge agreed and ordered the attorneys in the case to meet and exchange information.

Angela Kennecke: Is it moving forward the way you want?

Mitchell Olson: Obviously I would prefer this be over and be settled and we could move on with our lives.

The judge has ordered that any information that is sensitive, including the names of people who contributed to Bosworth's legal defense fund, not be made public.

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