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November 30, 2017 06:01 PM

As One Zimmer Faces More Legal Troubles, Another Is Sentenced

By Angela Kennecke

Just last night we bought you a continuation of the "Zimmer Experience." 
Another Sioux Falls business told us they were the target of theft by Jennifer Zimmer.  KELOLAND investigates discovered there were currently two outstanding warrants for her arrest. 

Pizza Ranch owners shared surveillance video with KELOLAND Investigates. 
It shows a woman with a small child going behind the counter, not once but twice to steal free buffet cards.

Pizza Ranch managers tell us less than an hour later, she came back and tried to use the cards and they recognized her to be Jennifer Zimmer from our previous investigation into a trail of trashed homes they've left behind totaling tens of thousands of dollars in damage. 

KELOLAND investigates followed Jennifer and George Zimmer's case as they plead guilty to insurance fraud.

Now Jennifer Zimmer is accused of violating her probation and is facing prison time. 

Jennifer Zimmer has a big smile on her face, but her hand gesture, which we can't show you shows that she's not very happy to see our news camera.

Zimmer was booked into jail at 1:24 Thursday morning.

Zimmer was on her way to court for an initial appearance on petty theft charges for allegedly stealing three Life Waters from a Cubby's convenience store on West 12th street.

According to court papers in that case, the theft was also caught on surveillance video. 
That charge, along with failing to pay court-ordered restitution, is a violation of her probation for insurance fraud. 

Meanwhile her husband George  was sentenced this week on two counts of forgery in the same insurance fraud case.

Zimmer admitted he filed false claims with car insurance companies to collect money,
George Zimmer got 30 days in jail and two years’ probation. He's also been ordered to pay back more than $5,000. 

He reports to jail to begin serving his sentence December 11. 

Jennifer Zimmer's next court appearance of the petty theft charges is scheduled for January 5. 


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