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March 01, 2017 05:59 PM

A Follow-Up To The Zimmer Experience

Sioux Falls, SD

A Sioux Falls couple that our KELOLAND News investigation tracked committing crimes and damaging rental homes was back at the courthouse on Wednesday.  

We've shown you the pictures, tens of thousands of dollars in damage to rental home after rental home.  From dog and cat feces to drug paraphernalia, the state of George and Jennifer Zimmer's last rental home was quite a site.  It's too bad we can't bring you how it smelled over your TV. 

The Zimmers have a case of insurance fraud against them, and Jennifer Zimmer has already pleaded guilty in that case, while George is set to go on trial next month.

They are also currently dealing with more minor charges against them and that's why they were back in court on Wednesday, while their former landlord continues to repair the damage they did to his home.

"Replaced the front door; all these blinds.  Painted, fixed the wall holes; doing the flooring right now," landlord Andy Gibson said.

In the last five weeks, Gibson has spent more than $5,000 and countless hours repairing the home where he evicted the Zimmers, after he says they stopped paying rent.

"Most of the time was spent throwing the stuff in the landfill.  We filled up two roll-offs and probably five trailers full of stuff," Gibson said. 

Since our story aired showing all of the damage, he's had several people call him looking for their items that were stolen. 

"There's been about four or five people that saw their stuff, that's what they say anyway; they saw their stuff on TV and they're wondering if they could get in the house and get it," Gibson said.

At the Minnehaha County Courthouse on Wednesday, Jennifer Zimmer called KELOLAND's Angela Kennecke names when she was asked about it.

Kennecke: Would you please talk about the stolen items people say they saw in your home, things that they took from them. 
Jennifer Zimmer: That is bull----!  It's a bull---- lie. 
Kennecke: And what about all the damages that you did to all these homes?
Jennifer:  That house wasn't lived in from November.  There was a bunch of teenage house parties there, you dumb b----. 
Kennecke: We saw drugs in the home... We saw drugs in the home? We'd like to know more about that.
Jennifer: Get out of my face.
Kennecke: You came up and talked to me, ma'am, and started calling me names.
Jennifer: Yeah! Two of my kids tried to commit suicide because of you, you freaking b----.

George Zimmer was in court on Wednesday for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance. 

Jennifer Zimmer will be back Thursday on petty theft charges for allegedly stealing a Minute Maid apple Juice, Starbucks white chocolate coffee drink and box of Easy Mac & Cheese from a Get N Go convenience store.  She's failed to show up for court four times on those charges. 

Meanwhile, George walked back and forth in front of our camera several times and threatened to sue us at the courthouse on Wednesday.

George Zimmer: You can't talk to me. You need to talk to my lawyer. I'm represented by a lawyer.  Get your camera out of my face.
Kennecke: We'd be happy to speak to your lawyer. 
George: You can't speak to me. 
Kennecke: Who's your lawyer? 
George: I have a civil rights lawyer. You're being sued.

We tried to ask the Zimmers about the more serious charges against them.

Kennecke: What about these charges of insurance fraud against you?
George: It's none of your business. 
Kennecke: Would you please answer my questions about the damages to the homes?
George: No, we refuse to talk to you. Get out of my face.

Gibson says he let the Zimmers back in the home to collect anything they wanted for two weeks and after he's done fixing it up, he plans to sell it.

"I just want to move on. I don't want to sue them. I just don't want to ever talk to them again," Gibson said.

Gibson says the Zimmers did collect some of their items from his home and picked up some of the trash. 

They have several court dates coming up.  We'll follow up and let you know what happens.

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