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December 12, 2017 03:47 PM

$400K Judgment Against Global Aquaponics & Tobias Ritesman

Brookings, SD

He sold investments for a big project that received much fanfare, but our KELOLAND News investigation exposed it to be a sham.

KELOLAND Investigates first broke the story this summer about the proposed $8 million facility south of Brookings that was never built, despite local investors buying into the project. 

Now a Brookings man has been awarded a judgment of nearly $400,000 against Global Aquaponics and its leader, Tobias Ritesman. 

Greg Selberg says he was promised a salary of $106,000 a year plus commission on any investments he sold in the project. 

Our KELOLAND News investigation spent a year tracking the proposed fish and vegetable farm project.

We discovered that there were a number of inconsistencies and outright lies surrounding the claims for the project and about the backgrounds of its developers, including Ritesman.

Selberg filed suit back in August calling Global Aquaponics a sham corporation and accused company leaders of being involved in illicit activities and mishandling investors' money.

Ritesman never showed up in court so the judge ordered that Ritesman and Global Aquaponics pay Selberg the $382,000 Selberg says he’s owed in wages. 

When KELOLAND News reached Selberg by phone, he said on the advice of his attorney, he could not comment.

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