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September 11, 2017 06:24 PM

Well365 Challenge

Sioux Falls, SD

It can be hard to find time to exercise between work and other priorities, but one Sioux Falls company is hoping to help. 

Well365 focuses on employee wellness to boost success in the workplace. 
Passionate about wellness, Well365 works with companies of all sizes to motivate employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Promoting a healthier well-being, in return, results in a more successful employee in the workplace, according to Well365.

"There's always going to be stress with balancing the demands of what's required of you at work, and then trying to balance what's outside of work whether it's family, friends, other responsibilities," owner of Well365 Trish Dohn said.

That's why Dohn created an eight-week Back-to-School Challenge for employees to participate in. 

"This is a challenge that we wanted to incorporate that really had a holistic approach. So, taking what a standard physical activity challenge is and really implementing other elements into it," Dohn said.

Matt Stoecker with Gage Brothers is one of the participants. He says with the fall season approaching, this was the perfect time for him to take part and prepare for a season indoors without the possible weight gain. He's also looking forward to some friendly competition.

"You know, it's always fun to get into a challenge like this, be competitive with people and see everybody else's progress as well," Stoecker said.

With no serious preparation needed, Dohn says anyone can do it.

"Everyone's focusing on 30 minutes of physical activity, water intake, consuming fruits and vegetables, and practicing stress relievers," Dohn said. 

Stoecker says along with portion control and making sure he gets the recommended number of servings from each food group, this challenge is keeping him on the right path to completing his wellness goals.

"It actually holds you accountable for doing activities and trying to maintain your weight progress or weight loss for the challenge," Stoecker said. 

Each week participants receive points for doing a bonus challenge, such as packing a healthy lunch or going on a walk during their break at work. Participants are then eligible for prizes based on the amount of points they receive. 

If you're interested in learning more about participating in one of the many programs Well365 offers, click here. 

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