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March 28, 2017 06:17 PM

Under Washing Vs. Over Washing Your Hair

Most of us don't wash our hair everyday. In fact, many stylists say you shouldn't because over washing can dry out your scalp and make it harder to style. But there's a fine line between over washing and under washing, one that can leave us with and itchy and dry scalp. 

Stephanie Lewallen works as a waitress in Downtown Sioux Falls. She ties her hair back for every shift, which she says takes a toll.

 "I use, usually oils and stuff if it's really dry and leave in conditioner," Lewallen said.

Lewallen notices her scalp becomes dry and sometimes irritated during the winter. Like most of us, she has spent years trying to find the right products and figure out just how often to wash it. 

"I used to do only three days a week now I kind of do it every day," said Lewallen

It may seem like a small thing, but keeping our scalp and hair healthy can make our days a lot smoother when we aren't worrying about embarrassing dandruff and an itchy scalp.

"Instead of washing every day, for even straight hair we are recommending every other day. You will notice the less that you are shampooing the hair you're not stripping the oils as much so you won't be over producing," Atoley Salon cosmetologist Chelsea Munson said. 

Munson says over washing vs. under washing has become a cultural issue. But too much of one can cause problems.

 "You should always be shampooing twice. That's going to get that oil, hair product just the day out of your hair and the second is going to cleanse that scalp," Munson said.

With spring right around the corner, more of us will be spending time in the sun and swimming in pools that may have harsh chemicals. She says washing your hair properly and using some home remedies can help, including olive oil.

"You might think oh I can't have oil or moisture added to that because it's going to make it much worse. Well oil actually attracts oil so it helps clean that area a little bit better and pull it off," said Munson.

Munson says if you have any questions don't be afraid to consult your stylist for advice.

Munson says to remember to condition your hair as well. Unlike shampoo you apply the condition to the ends of your hair instead of the scalp and leave it in for a few minutes. She says your hair will absorb what it needs. If you put it directly on the scalp you might be adding too many oils, making your hair greasy.

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