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November 23, 2017 06:22 PM

Thanksgiving Day Run For Food

Sioux Falls, SD

As some people were preparing for a day full of comfort food and sweet treats... others were slipping on their running shoes for a mile, 5k, or 10k fun run.  

The 14th annual Run for Food event hosted by The Banquet in downtown Sioux Falls kicked off at 8 a.m. Thursday morning. For many, it has become a holiday tradition. Waking up and getting exercise before their turkey dinner. So, why do they do it?

"For a good cause. Getting out and getting active before we eat a ton of food," Lisa Lemon said.

With her family, Lemon and her family are joining a large crowd to show their support for The Banquet's largest fundraiser event by running a 5K.  

"Well I am a runner and a winter runner, so perfect. And then just explaining to my kids the importance of raising money for the banquet," Lemon said. 

Every penny goes directly to the Banquet to support those who may not be able to afford a meal. 

It costs $2.50 per meal at the Banquet so your $5 to $10 donation goes a long way.

A $10 donation is suggested, but if you don't have the funds that's okay. There's no registration required, no participation fee, and no matching t-shirts. 

"Because it's a holiday. People want to come out, they just want to drop their donation in the bucket and they want to go for their run or go for their walk and that's been really successful for us," Madeline Angerhofer said. 

And for first year runner Rebecca Degroot, today's run gives her an excuse to dig into all that holiday food with no regrets. 

"I'll have an extra piece of pie because of it. It'll be a good day. It really is just a for a great cause," Degroot said.

For waking up early and making sure those who can't afford a meal are still able to eat, it's a well deserved reward. 

If you were unable to participate in the run but would like to donate, visit the Banquet's website

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