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April 06, 2015 06:25 PM

Taking Care Of Your Feet

Sioux Falls, SD

Your feet could tell you a lot about your health. Blisters, redness and swelling can be a sign of much larger health issues.

Rich Ortega works out six days a week. But a few years ago, he had severe foot pain that wouldn't go away.

"I remember times where I couldn't even walk,” Rich Ortega said.

The pain lasted for a few months until he realized he didn't have enough support in his shoes.

"I went to a foot doctor and he told me that what was going on in my foot," Ortega said. "He said you have to wear the right shoes. Most of my friends are runners or they do high impact cardio, and they wouldn't think about wearing a bad shoe."

Now Ortega feels the same way.

"I'll have inflammation that will eventually cause damage to surrounding tissue," Ortega said. "I think a lot of people may ignore that."

You don't have to necessarily work out regularly or be an athlete to be concerned about your feet. A foot exam could indicate certain health issues that you should be aware of.

"Other diseases conditions can manifest themselves other than diabetes where they have numbness," Sanford Health Dr. Jason Anderson said. "You could have swelling in the legs or pour pulses. That can all indicate cardiovascular disease or maybe blockage of the vessels that are bringing blood down to the foot."

Changes in your feet can also signal inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

"General foot care and health I guess is important on a day to day basis," Anderson said. "Because you use your feet every day, you really don't appreciate a problem with your foot until you start to deal with it every day and it limits your activities."

With Ortega's active lifestyle, his feet play a big role in his overall success.

"I have found just what I am doing today walking around I have to have the right support," Ortega said.

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