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June 20, 2017 06:29 PM

Staying Healthy When Traveling During The Summer

Sioux Falls

It's just about that time to dust off your luggage and plan your family's summer vacation whether you plan to stay local or maybe travel abroad safety should always be a priority.

Getting ready to board her flight after a 3-week vacation in Sioux Falls, Carol Tousignant says she always travels with a good book and bug repellant. 

"Some 'Off' that I bought here but I have not been bothered, so I am good," Tousignant said

Tousignant isn't too worried about getting sick or catching anything while she travels since she stays in South Dakota.

"I just hope for the best and take a little extra Vitamin C and that's it. My flights aren't that long so I think that helps a little bit," Tousignant said

If you are planning to fly, experts say the dirtiest part of the plane is your tray so you are going to want to use travel-sized hand sanitizer or wipes to clean off that area.

Whether you plan to stay in the states or travel out of country this summer,  vera Infectious Disease medical director Dr. Jawad Nazir says you should be prepared so that you and your family don't get sick.

"It's important to visit your travel health specialist or infectious disease specialist who has experience in travel medicine who can review your plans so you don't suffer during your travel," Nazir said 

He said start with the basics: Remember to wash your hands constantly, especially before eating or drinking. Only eat fully cooked food and only drink water from a sealed bottle.

Mosquitos are also a major concern internationally this time of year.

"Malaria is number one, dengue, Zika, Chikungunya fever. So most of the severe infections can be caused by mosquitos. So having a plan to prevent mosquito bites like using insect repellent,' Nazir said

Nazir says if you are camping or sleeping outside for any reason, use a mosquito net along with your repellent.

For more information about infectious diseases, visit the Infectious Disease Specialist website.

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