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March 19, 2018 06:13 PM

Spring Back Into Fitness

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. If you've been hibernating all Winter and not exercising as much as you should be, this is a good time to get back on track. We have some advice to help you spring back into a fitness routine. 

Many of us are like Dalton Kats, itching to get back outdoors. 

"Just the darker days, less sunlight, stuff like that, kind of wears on me, so getting more sun in the spring time is helpful," Kats said. 

Luckily, Spring is just one day away.

"I try to come up with excuses to go outside and do stuff. I don't mind jogging every now and then and if I can get some weights or medicine balls outside, I love doing that as well," Kats said. 

GreatLIFE Manager Austin Kjergaard says while everyone's in search of a spring break body, not as many people come to the gym as the weather warms up. 

"With spring, we also see a change of pace in the gym, people start to get a little discouraged with their fitness goals and they may have other aspirations when the weather gets nicer out," Kjergaard said. 

Kjergaard says if you want to escape the gym, take the time to go for a walk around the neighborhood, or pick a parking spot far away from your destination. 

"Walking is something I think people kind of under-appreciate that has a lot of health benefits to it. That's even if you get up maybe 10 or 15 minutes earlier in the morning,"Kjergaard said. 

To stay on track or to spring into a new routine, put your goals to paper.

"I got my Yoda notebook here, I associate Yoda with knowledge, so I keep all my stuff in here and keep track over time," Kats said. 

"We have set work schedules and we have routines for our personal life, but people tend to put that aside when it comes to fitness. I think writing something down, whether it's putting something on the refrigerator or in your phone, just setting little tiny goals," Kjergaard said. 

That way even if you choose to skip the gym, you can still achieve your goals outdoors. 

"I wouldn't mind getting into some more cardio based stuff for myself I guess, and being outside more obviously," Kats said. 

"It's still important to stay on track, stick to those goals that you set out earlier in the year, and make sure you don't fall off," Kjergaard said. 

Kjergaard says taking your routine outdoors has other benefits too. It can lift your mood and improve your levels of vitamin D. 

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