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April 04, 2017 06:22 PM

National Walking Day Kicks Off On Wednesday

On Wednesday, South Dakotans will be putting their best foot forward toward a healthier life by walking on National Walking Day. 

The hallways in this building are full of walkers.  We're not referring to zombies from "The Walking Dead;" these walkers are actually walking to live.

"For every hour of physical activity, you gain two hours of life expectancy. So it truly is something you can do every day that has a big payoff for you in the end," American Heart Association communications director for North and South Dakota Chrissy Meyers said.

Meyers says April is physical activity month and it's always kicked off by celebrating National Walking Day on the first Wednesday of the month.

"Sitting is the new smoking and so employers they look at ways to get people up and moving more. So walking inside. Encouraging people to walk indoors.  Measuring out your walking path inside your place of business; those are all great tips," Meyers said.

"We are currently in the middle of our 10K a day walking challenge. It's a 12-week walking challenge where we provide employees the opportunity to receive a free pedometer so they have that self awareness of how many steps they are getting a day," Avera Health Care program Manager Amanda Harty said.

Harty says employees are encouraged throughout the day with challenges, team competitions and incentives to get up from their desk throughout the day and log some miles.

"We have walking laps and established paths where employees know if they do eight laps in this building it equals one mile and it kind of is a motivator for them to get through their day," Harty said

Wednesday kicks off the month-long campaign. The AHA recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise. 

Want to start a wellness program in your business or just get more information on how you can keep your employees active throughout the day?  Review information on that online.
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