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September 08, 2017 06:13 PM

Integrative Medicine

Sioux Falls, Sd

If you experience migraines, allergies, or even addictions... Integrative medicine may be able to help with those conditions and many more. 

Instead of using medication, some people looking to acupuncture treatment to help with their conditions. 

Millie Dwyer dealt with migraines for about five months, using medication to treat them. Only with severe side effects, including serious ear pain, Dwyer decided it was time to try something new... and that's when she began receiving acupuncture. 

"She does ear acupuncture on me. It works great. She puts in these ear seeds along my ears, so throughout the week I can push them if I need to and it gives you a little extra acupuncture," Dwyer said.

Acupuncture is a form of integrative medicine in which the skin is penetrated with thin needles which are activated by gentle movements of the practioner's hands.Avera Health's Dr. Dawn Flickema says over the last three years it's become a fellowship trained specialty. 

"It looks at complimentary therapies, or sometimes they're called CAM therapies. Complimentary Alternative Medicine, that can help patients maintain wellness or manage chronic illness," Flickema said.

Flickema practiced family medicine for about 16 years.  After having multiple patients ask questions about integrative medicine, she decided to find out for herself what was involved in the practice. Not only did she learn something new, Flickema says it reinvigorated her interest in medicine. 

"You know, in traditional medicine when you're going through your training, you don't really study too much about things like supplements or some of the other applications like chiropractic acupuncture, massage," Flickema said. 

 Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, ranging from headaches to depression.

And when it comes to managing migraines, Dwyer says she's experienced a lot of success. 

"I am so happy that I found it. You know I have been doing it because I've been headache free for five months, and it's great," Dwyer said. 

If you're considering trying integrative medicine be sure to talk with your primary physician about what options are available to you. 

To find out whether acupuncture can treat a condition you have, click here.

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