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December 17, 2013 06:18 PM

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Sioux Falls, SD

Between holiday parties and family gatherings, many people tend to overeat during the holidays.

While the average person gains one pound during the holiday season, you could easily pack on more weight if you overindulge.

Susan Pulford starts every morning with a protein shake. Her drink Tuesday morning contained spinach, along with natural cocoa, coconut milk and fruit.

This is only the beginning of Pulford's day of healthy eating. Over the last year, she's made her diet more of a priority.

"It takes a while sometimes to pick out all your products and figure out where to find them in the grocery store and what's better than something else," Pulford said.

Through her efforts, Pulford has lost 15 pounds and no longer has to take medication for her Type 2 diabetes.

"Now I feel like I have a lot of good habits that are easy to maintain," Pulford said.

But she admits that eating healthy during the holiday season is more difficult.

"Holiday foods are going to come around and they are going to be good and you are going to want to try them because maybe Aunt Martha made them or whatever," Sanford Registered Dietitian Margaret Kuiper said.

Kuiper says you can still eat some of your favorite holiday snacks, but limit your portion sizes.

"The first bite tastes really good. The last bite tastes really good, but do we really need all the stuff in between?" Kuiper said.

Kuiper says a tip for eating smaller portion sizes is to choose a smaller plate, rather than a larger plate.

A larger plate could cause you to take and eat more food. Also, watch out for how many sweets you eat after baking holiday goodies.

"If you are going to cook, try to have a place where you can bring them or give them away or throw them in your freezer, so you can take them out later on," Kuiper said.

Meanwhile, Pulford is going through her holiday recipes to try to find healthier alternatives.

"Roasted sweet potatoes - our family loves them. You can make it in a little bit healthier way than using all the butter. You use oils," Pulford said.

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