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December 25, 2017 06:20 PM

New Year's Resolutions Can Be Easier With A Partner

Emily and Kelly Easton are a mother-daughter duo, working towards the same new years resolution to get healthier. 

"I think that helps so much, and then you also don't feel alone because they can be like, 'You know what, it's been a tough week for me too but we can get through it together,'" Emily said.

As a pair, the two are unstoppable: Both lost about 30 pounds since starting their New Year's resolution a little early in October. 

"After her dad passed, I knew that I needed to be healthy and show that example for my children," Kelly said. 

Over the summer, Kelly's ex-husband passed away from a heart attack at the young age of 45, sparking the pair's motivation to get healthy. 

"I definitely have always been an emotional eater, but I have never had a stressor that big before," Emily said.

The two decided to seek out a health coach to offer guidance to them during their journey to health. 

"The first thing that we do is a check-in, a weigh in, and measure how are things going this week. We do some celebrations if we've had a great week, and if not then we talk about, ok what were road blocks, what happened this week," Kandace Brands, health educator with Avera Health, said. 

These check-in's hold them accountable, because it's not always easy. 

"The biggest challenge has been giving up bread. Really, it has! I crave bread," Kelly said.

With cheat days at a minimum, the two look forward to meeting with their health coach to stay on track. 

"I know sometimes it does get a little hard to stay true to it, but when you think about the fact that you're going to have to go and talk to somebody, like later this week, you're like I think I can push through a little bit," Emily said.

Barnds says the first step is writing down your goal. 

"Putting it in a place that you can see often, so that you're reminded of what you want to accomplish for yourself," Brands said. 

And knowing your motivation will make reaching your goal so much easier. 

"My main goal is to be healthy. I'm not doing this diet, or losing weight because I hate my body. I'm doing it because I respect my body," Emily said.
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