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May 17, 2017 06:32 PM

Finding Time To Catch Some 'Mom Sleep'

Because moms seem to do everything for their children, the idea of "mom sleep" almost sounds like an oxymoron. Most moms know finding time to sleep isn't easy.

"My favorite Internet meme right now is one of Buddy the Elf and he's like I got a great night of sleep, 'I got a full forty minutes' and I'm like that is so accurate." mom Rachel Gage said

A new study shows moms are less likely to report their sleep quality as good. In fact, it's a pretty dramatic 13 percent compared to 46 percent of dads. Yet it doesn't take a study for moms to know sleep isn't easy to come by when you've got little ones who are full of energy and just want to play.

"I just have to tell myself this is not going to last forever. Someday everybody is going to sleep through the entire night. And so sometimes, I just have to talk myself through it," Gage said 

For the days when that doesn't work, Gage who currently stays at home with her kids says the family takes their morning slow and tries to do relaxing activities, such as going to the pool. Gage has two boys ages 3 and 5 and is expecting a third baby boy next week.

"We do sometimes try to stick to an earlier bedtime schedule, which is a little trickier in the summer time. People say, too, when your kids nap you should try to lay down and nap, so we try to incorporate all of that," Gage said.

Avera Certified Nurse Practitioner Amy St. Aubin says sleep is important for moms' mental, physical and emotional well being.

"Moms who get enough sleep are more likely to choose nutritious foods to eat better, to have the energy to get exercise regularly and for mental health, and you are a little more equipped to handle those ups and downs of the day," St. Aubin said.

She recommends that moms try to unwind once the kids are in bed in more relaxing ways other than looking at their screens. She says put those away at least an hour before bed. She also says sometimes the to-do list can wait.

"Forgetting about those chores. Maybe leaving that last load of laundry to get that extra half hour or 45 minutes of sleep is more beneficial in the long run," St. Aubin said.

St. Aubin says with the summer months it may be harder for kids to go to bed at their regular hour, so to help with this she recommends moving their bedtime back 15-20 minutes at night to give your kids more time to wind down.

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