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January 12, 2015 10:10 AM

Family: Two Year Old Died After Influenza A Diagnosis

Sioux Falls, SD

A Sioux Falls family is mourning the death of their young daughter from what they say is Influenza A.

Her mom says Gianna Wehrkamp had a fever of 103 degrees on Thursday.  She was diagnosed with Influenza A and given Tamiflu on Friday.  But overnight, the girl became unresponsive while sleeping in her mom's arms.  EMTs took her to the hospital, where she died just before noon on Saturday.

The family says Gianna was a healthy two year old up until coming down with the flu.

Just last week, South Dakota health officials announced the number of people who had died from the flu this season had quadrupled.  As of Friday, 12 people in the state had died from the flu. 92 percent of the deaths are among elderly persons. 245 people have been hospitalized.

The South Dakota Department of Health reports the state is likely only halfway through the flu season.

Funeral arrangements for Gianna are still being set.

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