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May 31, 2017 06:32 PM

Experts Say 2017 Could Be Worst Summer For Ticks In Years

Tick season is here. Scientists are warning parents this could be one of the worst tick in years. 

"So far I haven't done anything real special. I feel I am just more cautious around trees, as kids they like to climb trees or be around them for that adventure. I just try to watch them really carefully, especially when they get home. Just check their heads and check where they are," Nanny Krystle Tufty said

Sanford Infectious Disease Physician Jennifer Hsu says doing a tick check after being outside is a great way to keep you and your family healthy. She also recommends taking some preventative measures as well.

"Insect repellant, something like a 20 percent DEET product or picaridin are over the counter products that you can buy and apply to your skin for tick prevention. You can also buys a product called Permethrin to apply to clothing, tents, sleeping bags, things like that if you are outdoor camping," Hsu said.

The ideal living environment for ticks is on the edge of the wood line they also cling to shrub and grass that's about waist height so be extra cautious in those areas.

Hsu says we don't see tick diseases as often in South Dakota as other parts of the country but doctors recently treated a patient for Rocky Mountain spotted fever so it can happen. If you get a bite she says pay attention to any symptoms. 

"If you get a fever of flu like illness a few weeks after getting a tick bite that's important information to provide your provider," Hsu said.

Hsu says if you find a tick immediately remove it with tweezers-make sure you get the entire body and then clean the area with alcohol and soap and water.


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