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October 30, 2017 06:20 PM

Concussions In Children

Sioux Falls, SD

It can happen anywhere from the soccer field to the football field or even the basketball court.

Concussions affect kids differently than adults on many different levels. 

Sports may be fun and games, but they can also be dangerous.  

"The risk of concussion of course, is in part related to the sport you're playing. So, the more likely you are to collide with other people or other things, the more likely you are to be concussed," Bill Roberts with the National Youth Sports, Health and Safety Institute said. 

Dell Rapids senior Seth Spielmann received a direct hit during last week's football game that knocked him out, resulting in an ER visit.

"Parents are rightly concerned about these injuries and the long-term consequences of these injuries," Thayne Munce with Sanford Sports Science Institute said. 

Doctors told Spielmann's parents to watch for signs of a concussion, but that he's ok to head back to school. Spielmann's parents tell KELOLAND News that he is doing great.

"The studies out there is that adults usually get better in a couple weeks. And kids can take four weeks easily," Roberts said. 

A lot of people are surprised to learn that helmets do not protect against concussions. 

"The benefits of wearing helmets, in particularly in ice hockey and football, is that you don't get cut in your scalp as easily. And that's really what it prevents is lacerations and bleeds inside the brain. But, it really doesn't protect against a concussion at all," Roberts said. 

Munce compares a concussion to a snowflake. No two are alike. How they occur and the symptoms can be different each time.

"Impairment in balance, for others it could be loss of memory, could be sensitivity to light and sounds. Could be just behavioral changes. So everyone, what they experience is going to be different," Munce said. 

While Spielmann may be one of the lucky ones, Munce says even just one hit may be one too many.

"For some individuals, one concussion is going to be severe enough that it's going to cause them to retire and that will be enough," Munce said. 

Having the right recovery plan in place may make all the difference. 
Doctors say if you suspect your child has received a concussion it's best to take them in for a check-up to rule out any injuries. 

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