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November 29, 2017 06:14 PM

Chocolate Milk For USF Athletes

Sioux Falls, SD

Chocolate milk is known for its extra sweet taste and is probably your child's favorite drink.

But kids aren't the only ones craving the sweet concoction... USF athletes are grabbing their fair share of glasses too.  

"After our athletes get done working out it kicks up the recovery process right away. It also has a great source of protein which helps reduce soreness, but also build that lean muscle mass that we're looking for in our athletes," Head coach of strength and conditioning with USF,  Zach Mathers said. 

For nearly a year, The University of Sioux Falls athletics department has been partnering with Stensland Family Farms to provide fresh chocolate milk after every workout. 

"The local connection I think was really important to us, but also the quality of milk that they bring us every single day is awesome. It tastes better. When we made the switch our athletes immediately commented on how much better it tasted," Mathers said. 

Before the switch, the athletes were consuming a variety of recovery drinks that just weren't cutting it. 

"We tried a couple different brands of milk and we tried a couple different, other supplement companies but this is better and it's safer for our athletes," Mathers said.

"Our chocolate milk is whole milk, so it has a lot of protein. And the other thing is, is our milk is so wholesome to begin with because our farm is only 20 minutes away from here, so they have the freshest milk available," Dan Kippley with Stensland Family Farms said. 

And if you're interested in testing out any of Stensland's chocolate milk after one of your workouts, you can stop in anytime between now and the end of the year for free half gallon of chocolate milk with any purchase.

"Kick start that rejuvenation process and kick start that muscle building process it's going to help you out a ton. So I think with this, it gives us an opportunity to do that right away and it's readily available right in our nutrition center that we have right here in this facility," Mathers said.

Not only is chocolate milk a great source of protein, experts say it has more carbohydrates than other sports drinks making it even more beneficial after a workout.

You can also attend the USF basketball games this Friday night to receive two half gallons of Stensland milk.  

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