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December 13, 2017 06:15 PM

Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Sioux Falls, SD

When the winter months arrive they bring more than just colder weather.

Dry skin can be the result of the chilly air, especially after pairing your cold skin with a hot shower. 

When winter temperatures hit, your clothes change, your shoes change, and so should your skincare routine.  

"Lotion. And I also buy body wash that has lotion in it," Sara Desmet said. 

Desmet says when cold weather strikes so does dry skin.  So, this time of year, she doubles up on moisturizer. 

"It helps somewhat, but not to keep it from happening again," Desmet said. 

Dermatologist Kendra Watson says combating dry skin is an uphill battle.

"The really dry air has a lot to do with it, the humidity just plummets this time of year," Watson said. 

Watson recommends applying moisturizer within three to five minutes after a shower. 

"Really hot showers, hot baths, the warm temperature of the water as well as water itself can really dry out the skin and kind of leach moisture from the environment," Watson said. 

In addition to the hot water drying out your skin, a fragrance-filled lotion may be just as bad. 

"Lotions generally have a little bit of alcohol in them which makes them easier to pump out of a bottle, and those generally just aren't thick enough. I know it's really overwhelming, you get to the drugstore and you look in the aisle and you're like what do I need?" Watson said. 

"It's really bad to say but I mainly do it based on the smell, because I'm really bad about lotion. So, if it doesn't smell good to me then I won't use it," Desmet said. 

Watson says it's not unusual for people to purchase their moisturizers based on the smell and even the bottle it's in. 

If a product design or fragrance catches your eye, it's best to steer clear of these products and stick to the basics.

"It has to say cream on it. Usually they come in a big pound jar," Watson said. 

So while there are many to choose from, picking up a plain bottle of body or face cream will protect your skin the most this winter season.

Watson also suggests staying away from exfoliating your skin during the winter, to avoid irritating dried out skin. 

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