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October 25, 2017 06:13 PM

A Quick Workout With Lasting Benefits

Sioux Falls, SD

Less time at the gym, more calories burned throughout the day, and even a quicker metabolism. That's exactly what you can expect after participating in a HIIT workout, or high intensity interval training. 

A HIIT workout consists of short intervals of high intensity workouts, with short rest periods in between. 

"I will get on the treadmill and I'll sprint as fast as I can for about 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, or I'll cool down with a minute on, 30 seconds off," Rikki Lopez said.

Lopez exercises regularly and incorporates at least two HIIT workouts throughout the week.

"It's really hard to like, keep up afterwards. You know you've done a really good workout when you can barely walk," Lopez said.

Trainers say calories are burned hours after you've finished your workout, and Lopez says she's definitely noticed the results. 

"After we had our son I had a big weight loss, I had gained 60 pounds in that pregnancy. Now I'm back to where I started," Lopez said. 

Personal trainer Rachel Breidenbach says you don't have to be a regular at the gym to do this workout, either. 

"Anybody even a new exerciser can benefit from it. They might not be doing sprints, but it may be a faster walk. Or maybe they're biking a little bit faster or doing some intervals on an elliptical," Breidenbach said. 

To get the most out of a hit workout, it shouldn't last any longer than about 30 minutes.

"You don't want to go too far, or too over that, because then you're probably not working out as hard as you should during the interval part of it," Breidenbach said. 

You can even do the workouts at home, unless you prefer the gym...

"I really enjoy the gym. This is where I find my mental happiness, so for me it's not hard to stick to it. I really look forward to it every morning," Lopez said.

And she enjoys the benefits all day long. For a list of HIIT workouts you can do at home, click here.

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