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October 22, 2017 11:14 PM

Inside KELOLAND: Opioid Crisis

Most everyone knows someone who died of suicide. It's hard to imaging losing five friends in a matter of months.  But Kansas Middletent says that's just a part of life growing up on the reservation. He's lost five friends since December.  He's turning that pain into a positive. Middletent visits schools through a program called Native Hope.  On this Inside KELOLAND, we'll talk about the program and what you can do to help people who you know find hope and help.

The number of Americans addicted to opioids is skyrocketing.  A recent Blue Cross Blue Shield report says the number of cases has climbed nearly 500-percent since 2010.  Sanford Health is taking steps to turn those numbers around, and it appears to be working.  Sanford doctors have reduced the number of pills they prescribe by 24 percent since 2016.  We'll find out how they're doing it on this Inside KELOLAND. 

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