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November 21, 2017 05:11 PM

Washington Students Buy Thanksgiving Meals For Families

Sioux Falls, SD

Here's a heartwarming story of unity as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. Students in the Young Democrats and Young Republicans groups at Washington High School are teaming up to put food on the table for families in need. 

Just like many of you, students at Washington are getting ingredients together for the perfect Thanksgiving meal. A fundraiser last week helped them buy 43 meals for families of WHS students. 

"We exceeded our expectations by a lot because last year we got $1,400, which was insane at the time. Then to have this year almost double that with $2,700 was just insane and it was absolutely amazing," Senior Brady Grapevine said. 

For years, the Young Democrats have done this project alone.  This year, they reached across the hallway to get help from Washington's Young Republicans. The combined effort is making a big difference.  

"I think students at the school saw that this is going for a great cause that's not politically focused or biased. It's just for people in our community," Grapevine said. 

Teacher and advisor Becky Kelley says the bi-partisan teamwork is inspiring. 

"These kids are very sensitive to the needs of others. We are a very diverse school and they were made aware of that for the first time that a lot of kids don't get Thanksgiving meals," Kelley said. 

Some of the families who are being helped don't actually have the means to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Those families will be given a gift card to Subway.

"There are a lot of working families out there but especially towards the end of the month, paying for food or paying your heat bill, it kind of comes down to that. In this case, we can help at least one month with that," Kelley said. 

Giving dozens of families food for the table this Thanksgiving and an opportunity for students to come together for a good cause. 

"Oh it's just so great to know that what we're doing has an impact right here in our community, but just right here even in this school," Grapevine said. 

The meals are being delivered today by HyVee and a local volunteer. A teacher at Washington also chipped in by baking more than 1,000 cookies for the Thanksgiving boxes. 

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