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February 23, 2018 05:08 PM

USF Men's Basketball Team Visits John Harris Students

16 NCAA Division II men's and women's basketball teams are taking over the Sanford Pentagon this weekend. Before the action tips off, several schools are heading out into the community to inspire local kids. 

Fifth grader Brogan Moffitt couldn't wait to welcome the USF Cougars to John Harris Friday. 

"We're excited about that and it's just really fun to have basketball players because you never really have basketball players at an elementary school," Moffitt said. 

Moffitt helped lead Cougar Sophomore Tristan Teichmeier to a kindergarten classroom where more than a dozen students were anxiously waiting for their special guest. 

"We're actually going ahead and reading to some little kids and stuff and they're interviewing us. They're getting to know us as people and players," Teichmeier said. 

The visit is part of the team's preparation for the four-day NSIC tournament at the Sanford Pentagon that starts Saturday. Winning that event is a dream for the Cougars and Teichmeier who are hoping to use their success to inspire young kids. 

"The main message is never stop going for your goals. You can really achieve anything you want. Doesn't matter what level you're playing at, doesn't matter what kind of job you want, if you put your mind to it you can achieve it," Teichmeier said. 

Moffitt, who's not sure who he's rooting for in the tournament between USF and Augustana, says it's a great way to think. 

"Well I think he's probably right. You've got to pursue them. If you never try, they're never going to come true," Moffitt said. 

He also has his own message for Fridays special guests when it comes to this weekend. 

"Do well, stay safe," Moffitt said. 

The NSIC tournament tips off Saturday at noon and runs through Tuesday at the Sanford Pentagon. The USF men play St. Cloud State Saturday night at 8 p.m.

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