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November 15, 2017 05:55 PM

USD Holding Campus Safety Walk

Vermillion, SD

Safety is on the minds of USD students Wednesday evening in the aftermath of sexual assault allegations involving members of the Coyote football team.  Students are working with police to make sure the Vermillion campus is a safe place for everyone.  

A campus safety walk was already going to happen before those allegations of sexual assault became public.  But the alleged crime has participants even more focused on campus safety.

"It sort of gained a little bit more urgency after the sexual assault allegations came about last month or a few weeks ago," student government senator and graduate student Malachi Petersen said.

The walk starts at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night at the Davidson Building just south of the library.

"An officer or two officers from the University Police Department will show SGA [Student Government Association] senators around campus and kind of give us a tour around campus and walk us around," Petersen said.

"We'll split up in two groups, divide the campus in half," student body president Teagan McNary said Tuesday.

"We will sort of point out maybe areas of campus that could use a little bit better lighting or other modifications to make students feel safer on campus," Petersen said.

Senior Megan Street told KELOLAND News on Tuesday that she doesn't always feel safe on campus.

"I'm always looking over my shoulder when I'm walking home from the MUC [Muenster University Center], or from the library, and there are a lot of dark places on campus that I feel should be lit better. And when they do the campus walks, I don't see the results of that happening on campus," Street said.

Petersen thinks Wednesday night's walk will bring about change. But maybe not right away.

"I think so," Petersen said. "I mean, anytime you are going about trying to change something on campus, or anywhere for that matter, it takes a lot of time." 

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