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June 15, 2017 05:02 PM

Teachers Line Up To Swap Items

Teachers from all over KELOLAND took over the Sioux Falls Convention Center for the Second Annual Teacher Swap Meet. From student teachers to veterans and child care providers, hundreds showed up to sell educational items or find a good deal. 

Lined up outside the convention space, these teachers are anxious to get shopping. 

"I love it. It is very cool. There's a lot of very different resources everywhere from preschool all the way up to even high school and college. So there's a lot of different resources for every type of teacher here," Jira said.  

Once the doors opened up, Jacey Jira and her sidekicks got to work. Jira will begin student teaching second graders in Mitchell this fall. She's finding a lot of materials she can put to good use.  

"We have borders, just a lot of different stuff that's already laminated, already ready to go. I can slide it right into my classroom. It's fun to talk to these teachers too and say, 'hey, how did you use this in your classroom? What grade did you use this for?' So it's been a lot of fun to just talk to them and get some different insights and stuff," Jira said. 

The very first swap meet was so popular that this year organizers doubled their space and added vendors and demonstrations. 

Sarah Hansen drove up from Vermillion to get rid of educational materials on this fully-stocked table. 

"I'm hoping everybody buys everything. So I don't have to take any of it back," Hansen said.

The early childhood special education teacher, like many others, has put thousands of dollars of her own money into her classroom over the years. She's hoping to make some green today.

Matt Holsen: What are you going to do with that money?

Hansen: Probably put it back into the classroom for different items.

Items that benefit her students throughout the school year. 

The free event is put on by the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation.

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